King Famous's first bedroom studio featuring the MPC 2000.
King Famous's first studio - The MPC 2000, an Aiwa stereo, and a keyboard. The Isley Brothers Best of CD for inspiration.

The Process


With the MPC 2000 on my desk, the entire world was my oyster. I had a tv with plenty of VHS tapes, and sampling from them became a favorite technique of mine.

No form of media was left untouched, and I continued to sample vinyl, cassette, mini-tape and compact discs.

Because the organic nature of playing beats on the MPC, the drums came to the forefront of the recordings, and I used the sparse samples I captured with keyboard licks to build out the tracks.

Eventually, I had a notebook full of lyrics - all focusing on a reality that wasn't quite mine. There was a layered story developing - Holiday City, A Secret Agent, The Robot Factory, The Master Programmer. Everything was based from theater, yet these recordings were expanding out into the atmosphere as turn of the century East Coast Rap.

Being inbetween jobs, most of my time was spent pondering the album - what it meant, what it was, and who I was becoming.

Music was a safe place to live for me, it contained just enough technical parts with creative, and to me it was comforting. At times there were growing pains, but lyrics seemed to flow. Nearly all the tracks started as free form poem. I had done so much freestyle at Syracuse with Rasheed (RIP) that I could hang with just about anybody, and I knew it.

Versus The Robot Factory had a heavy theme, hard beats and quick rhymes. Having the vocals and mix done by one of the best in the industry didn't hurt either.

Once the album was done, I never released it. Some copies were sold on the street, hand to hand - but it took awhile to release the album. I have no idea why it did take so long, but I'm glad it is here, for the world to hear.

Liner Notes and Thank You

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